Sequencing Sagas via yield*

You can use the builtin yield* operator to compose multiple Sagas in a sequential way. This allows you to sequence your macro-tasks in a procedural style.

function* playLevelOne() { ... }

function* playLevelTwo() { ... }

function* playLevelThree() { ... }

function* game() {
  const score1 = yield* playLevelOne()
  yield put(showScore(score1))

  const score2 = yield* playLevelTwo()
  yield put(showScore(score2))

  const score3 = yield* playLevelThree()
  yield put(showScore(score3))

Note that using yield* will cause the JavaScript runtime to spread the whole sequence. The resulting iterator (from game()) will yield all values from the nested iterators. A more powerful alternative is to use the more generic middleware composition mechanism.

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